Who We Are

I am a career Marine Corps Officer, a Heckler and Koch Certified Master Armorer, with specific expertise in their legacy firearms, and a Certified Pistol and Submachine Gun and Rifle Instructor for Heckler and Koch Weapons.

​With me in this endeavor, Ben Bergamini has joined the team, to provide instructional support and training coordination.

A passion for the Heckler and Koch brand and a relentless desire for knowledge and skill separates us from everyone else and we are pleased to offer our support.

What We Do

Whether you want a trigger conversion, have a broken weapon, one in need of a complete overhaul or just want to swap your sights out, you want a Heckler and Koch Certified Master Armorer with the tooling, skills and experience to complete the task. 

If you trust Teufelshund Tactical with your Heckler and Koch weapons, you can rest assured that you will receive professional service and an unyielding attention to detail that you would expect from both a Marine Corps Officer and a Heckler and Koch Certified Master Armorer. 

Beyond upholding these standards, we also strive to have each project completed as quickly and efficiently as possible; with many being returned the following business day

Recognized as the leader in Heckler and Koch focused firearms training, we provide focused attention, expert instruction and positive feedback to small class sizes, that allow individuals to make expeditious gains in both performance and proficiency.  Adaptive, rapidly progressive, and cost effective, whether you are military, law enforcement or a responsible citizen, you simply won't find what Teufelshund Tactical provides elsewhere.     

Finally, for Law Enforcement Agencies, beyond offering Armorer services and training, in order to assist with future procurement, we are also capable of providing weapons presentations/demonstrations and LE sales to ensure you select the right Heckler and Koch weapons for your needs.  Beyond providing the best possible pricing on weapon purchases, we are dedicated to providing the backside support necessary for long term use of Heckler and Koch products.