Here's what customers are saying about Teufelshund Tactical:

"Just wanted to take time to post about the fantastic service I received from James at Teufelshund Tactical.  I recently purchased a P7M8 that appeared to be in excellent condition, but I wanted to have it carefully inspected by an expert before making it my CCW.  I contacted James through HKPro and, within what seemed like only minutes, he gave me a call and we talked about the P7 series of pistols generally, the P7M8 specifically and what he could do to make sure mine was ready to go.  He quoted me a more than fair price for his time and I shipped it off to him.  James let me know when he received my P7M8 and he got to work right away.  The very next day I had an email from him listing the exact work he performed and also providing detailed instructions for me for future cleaning and maintenance (instructions that were much more specific than those listed in the manual).  I was so impressed with James that I asked if he could install night sights for me and of course he obliged.  I cannot recommend James highly enough.  The service he provided was way about and beyond what I was expecting."

"I've had James install Dawson sights on two of my VP9s and I can honestly say without a doubt, he is the most professional service company I've dealt with in the firearms industry.  More than fair pricing, quick response, professional work and great attitude is more than I can ask for.  He will receive all of the business I can give him."

"I've had half a dozen pistols worked on by James...the work is amazing, the prices are incredibly reasonable, the expertise is unmatched (literally, when it comes to the P9 series, James really is the first and last word) and James is of the absolute highest integrity."

"Send him your firearms - you won't regret it."

"Thank you, James!!!  Wow.  It's gorgeous!  I can't believe that is the same pistol I bought."

"I cannot thank James enough for taking on this project...Thank you, James, for preserving my legacy guns, so I can pass them down to my sons."

"...a great instructor and his knowledge and passion of everything HK is very impressive.  We came hungry for knowledge and to be challenged - and I think we all got what we came for and then some.  Building us up from a baseline, James had us doing run-n-gun type movement drills at the end and every minute was a blast.  I would do another course with James if he offered it, hands down!"

"...this was my fourth MP5 related class...James brought a different side, a different aspect to working the firearm.  The pace, composition, material, everything about this class was excellent...I've been to a few other "educational programs", some that I'll revisit again, others that I won't recommend for anything.  The Teufelshund Tactical program is one of the two that I will revisit, no questions."

"...Your methodical instruction gave me a much greater in depth understanding of the mechanics that make a shooter consistently successful.  I was amazed at the speed of improvement of our entire group through the training process.  I left with the ability to self diagnose my pistol work."

​"...If anyone is wanting how to learn to push themselves with a subgun and/or refine their techniques, I can't say enough good things about this course and the program of instruction.  The level of professionalism displayed by James and Ben really set the tone for the class and allowed the students to focus on positive range work and fostered a great learning environment for the most basic shooters to the more advanced.  No one felt left out and as a result pushed ourselves further than expected.  Great group of fellow students and I will definitely be making a trip to more courses in the future."

"...I would like to focus on my classmates, and the instruction afforded to us.  We vary in age, speed and ability, and somehow James managed to instruct us all at the exact speed we needed to be taught.  That is not easily accomplished.  The guy on my left may be faster, the guy on my right may be slower, but James made it work flawlessly.  The attention to detail and meticulous planning that went into this course is simply outstanding.  If you made a mistake, you were evaluated individually and corrected immediately.  If you had a question, or were unsure on how the drill was to be ran, it was addressed properly.  No attitudes present here, James is as informative as he is honorable.  He truly loves what he does, and his commitment to seeing his students progress is unmatched."